Dr Penny Wilson vs. Casey Parker on PCOS

Hi All Following on from Dr Rob’s post on men with an inadequate testosterone level – this week Penny and I are exploring the other end of the spectrum – the ladies with a little too much androgen – yes – the very common, yet entirely confusing PCOS podcast. No -have a listen, it is…


FOAM4GP Debate: Diet pills, Mel vs. Gerry

Welcome to the first ever FOAM4GP debate! We hope to make this an ongoing series of short, sharp debates between practicing GPs on current topics and controversies in modern Aussie GP practice. This Combatants: Dr Gerry Considine (@ruralflyingdoc) and Dr Melanie Clothier (@drmelclothier). The proposition:  Diet pills (duromine) always cause more harm than good – we…

Contraception: Commonsense, Clots and Controversy

Here is an 18 minute Podcast discussion between Penny Wilson (@nomadicgp) and Casey Parker (@broomedocs) on the common contraception options, some cool resources for prescribing decision-making and the controversy around the OCP and clots – are these killer pills?…..  No Enjoy it over at broomedocs.com:  Contraception, Commonsense and Clot Controversy