Top 30: Why you should listen to TayTay without taking drugs

  Presenting for prescription is the 2nd most common reason for encounter in General Practice. As a new GP Registrar you will inevitably be tested out by the local drug seeking community to see if they can get their medications from you. Whilst you can approach this empathetically, your eventual ‘no’ may still feel ‘Mean,’ but…


FOAM4GP Map – Better referral letters – “Dear Neurologist, please see John ? head”

“Dear Neurologist, please see John ?head. Sincerely, Dr AB.” Referral letters are the way in which we can correspond our clinical information to our specialist colleagues. It is critically important and also reflects upon you as a clinician as to your medical skill and ability to be succinct. It has been pointed out many times…


The non-linear consultation

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Non-linear Bangkokby Gary Wong Most doctors treat simple medical problems similarly. The presenting problem leads to a single diagnosis, which leads to a treatment; all in an uncomplicated, linear pattern. But in primary care, things are often not so simple. For multiple problems with complex underlying issues, no two consultations are ever…