Frontiers | A survey of Australian and New Zealand medical parents’ experiences of infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood

OBJECTIVE To describe the incidence of infertility, pregnancy complications and breastfeeding practices among Australian and New Zealand doctors and identify factors associated with increased pregnancy complication rates. METHODS A survey ANZ doctors using an online questionnaire during November 2021. RESULTS 1099 responses were received. The median age of female doctors at the time of their…


Quick Start Contraception – It’s Contraception, STAT!

Originally posted on Bits & Bumps:
[audio ] This week we discuss how to “Quick Start” contraception – on the day your patient requests it. Take home messages: Women are at unnecessary risk of pregnancy in the window between ASKING for contraception and STARTING contraception There are clear protocols for starting contraception at any time…

New Australian General Practice FOAM – Obstetrics and Gynaecology – “Bits and Bumps!”

Introducing the new podcast and resources website based on Australian General Practice – obstetrics and gynaecology. These are written and produced by excellent Australian GP’s who have a strong interest in women’s health. Learn from their extensive research and knowledge on perplexing women’s health issues in general practice. Bits and Bumps Link