Questions about grief

Trigger warning : content describing suicide and mental health issues'Many people are afraid of suicide and don’t have a language to talk about it" Lets talk about it, lets not be afraid any more. or at least lets try. together#crazysocks4docs #MH4Docs — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) May 26, 2018


@DGlaucomflecken guide to eye consults

Here is my guide to ophthalmology consults. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom. I hope this helps facilitate communication between primary care, emergency medicine and the elusive on call ophthalmologist, the Sasquatch of medicine. — Dr. Glaucomflecken (@DGlaucomflecken) May 11, 2018

RACGP Queensland Clinical update 2018

I escaped the rock recently and spent the long weekend in Brisbane. In addition to the usual mainland activities (eating out, shopping, attending the local cinema and more shopping), I attended the RACGP Qld Clinical Update. I often come home from conferences feeling reinvigorated and inspired, but I never end up collating or organising my… via…