Key feature problems: A self-assessment guide for family medicine trainees

Hi folks
Another exam preparation resource has just been published so check it out!
A book review of it is available here on RACGP

The editors have made a limited time discount offer for readers of FOAM4GP.

Please click the link for book purchase

Here are instructions on how to access the discount which is worth $20 and will expire by end of September 2017:

“When click on the “Buy Now” button, by default, fee of regular mail will be charged. After the purchase is made, just instruct your readers to click on “Contact Us”. Fill up the required information like name & email contact. Under the subject heading put “FOAM4GP Free Upgrade”, we will upgrade the regular mailing to “courier service” for free. ”

Thanks very much to the editors  Cheong Lieng Teng, Stanley Chun Wai Chan for the discount offer.



2 thoughts on “Key feature problems: A self-assessment guide for family medicine trainees

  1. Please note that this text book has NOT been endorsed by the RACGP. The RACGP assessment department was not involved in the AFP review, The text book’s content may not reflect the current structure, content and marking of the RACGP’s KFP.

  2. hi
    this book is reccomended by racgp site for the better understanding of kfp…
    but this is strange that malaysia dr has wriiten and they are coming to australia from malaysia ??
    kindly suggest any book or site for
    1_derma pics as we get 3kfp and 5akt scenerio from derma
    2_any x_ray and ecg site or book as we get lot of scenerios from there but like standard john murtagh book no specific book has been reccomended by racgp…
    i studied every hard in detail john murtagh,checks,afp still i failed my exams even after studying hard for 1yr
    3_please do reccomend some book for investigations and labs better understanding as kfp examiner has given 3scenerios from labs.

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