GPs Down Under

Justin Coleman eloquently outlines the beauty of the GPs Down Under facebook group. So, to all our Aussie and NZ GP readers… do u GPDU??

(Note – new member requests will receive a message from admin to verify their GP credentials. If you haven’t heard back for a few days check your “message requests” folder under your Facebook message tab)


Pic by Doc Paul Pic by Doc Paul

I GPDU; do U?

If that sentence makes any sense, you’re probably already a member of the Facebook group GPs Down Under. And a good interpreter of poor syntax. It’s the only phrase I’ve ever written which has been turned into a badge, useful for starting conversations at medical conferences and stopping them at parties.

GPs Down Under has changed my life. Well, not in the way my wife has, or salted caramel ice cream.

But the GPDU discussions with colleagues from around Australia have, more than anything else in the past year, enhanced both my clinical judgement and enthusiasm for my chosen career.

Last year a couple of GPs, granted asylum here from the terrorised British NHS, started a ‘closed’ Facebook page for GPs to discuss an interesting article, a patient treatment conundrum, or medical politics.

Members could post photos of de-identified patients with…

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