Quick Start Contraception – It’s Contraception, STAT!

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This week we discuss how to “Quick Start” contraception – on the day your patient requests it.

Take home messages:

  • Women are at unnecessary risk of pregnancy in the window between ASKING for contraception and STARTING contraception
  • There are clear protocols for starting contraception at any time in a woman’s menstrual cycle (see links below)
  • There are no known adverse effects on pregnancy from ordinary hormonal contraceptive methods (except IUDs)
  • Contraception can be started even if early pregnancy can’t be excluded, with a repeat pregnancy test in 4 weeks time.
  • Using this algorithm reduces unplanned pregnancies in high risk groups.

References & Resources

Quick Start Clinical Protocol – Family Planning Victoria (PDF) – Australia

Quick Start Flow Chart (PDF) – Please note this is a U.S. resource and has minor differences in timing of B-hCG retesting.

Quick Starting Contraception – RCOG UK Guidelines (LINK)

Initiating Hormonal Contraception (Quick Start)

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