Punch and Shave Biopsy For General Practitioners

Thanks to Karen Price who has shed some light on the mysterious arts of vulval biopsy from what sounds like a very valuable session at the Women In GP conference last week. Some very handy tips here!




This is content reproduced from the Women in General Practice Conference 2014

Session was run by a Vulvo-gynae/General dermatologist and  Sexual Health Physician

It is intended for Registered Medical Practitioners Only.

This post relates specifically to Vulval Shave and biopsy but the techniques can be widely applied.

When to Biopsy?

1. When in  doubt!

  • if not responding to treatment
  • To exclude VIN Previously called Bowens Info here  ( if untreated 15% will transform into invasive SCC Vulval Cancer ) and other rare differential diagnoses eg Extra Mammary Paget

2.  To confirm a suspected diagnosis that has long term implications

3. For patient s reassurance eg:

Labial Melanosis  Link to Picture

Skin Tag

Seborrheic Keratosis

TYpes of Biopsy

1. Punch Biopsy       



4mm punch biopsy Ideal

4/0 vicryl or chromic dissolving suture  …

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