Amazing Australian GP Bloggers, 2014

Doctor's Bag

GP Bloggers 2014

What is it like to be a General Practitioner in Australia? What are Australian Family Doctors passionate about? What do they struggle with? The Amazing Australian GP Bloggers 2014 give readers a rare look behind the scene.

The stream of stories, confessions, experiences, tutorials, interviews, podcasts and opinions just goes on.

Bloggers like Justin Coleman, Jacquie Garton-Smith, Genevieve Yates and Penny Wilson are great story tellers with an impressive writing talent.

Then there are the GP bloggers who focus on teaching and sharing skills and knowledge, like Michael Tam, Casey Parker, Tim Leeuwenburg, Minh Le Cong and Robin Park. They have contributed a vast amount of freely accessible, high quality medical know-how on the web.

Many doctors focus on posting valuable information for patients and people looking for reliable health info, such as Jo Kosterich, Brad McKay, Nick Tellis and Duncan Jefferson.

It is impossible to mention everyone here, so…

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