FOAM4GP Debate: Diet pills, Mel vs. Gerry

Welcome to the first ever FOAM4GP debate!

We hope to make this an ongoing series of short, sharp debates between practicing GPs on current topics and controversies in modern Aussie GP practice.

This Combatants: Dr Gerry Considine (@ruralflyingdoc) and Dr Melanie Clothier (@drmelclothier).

The proposition:  Diet pills (duromine) always cause more harm than good – we should not prescribe them.

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OK – now onto the debate – take it away crew!

Let us know what you think about the format, any comments on the topic appreciated.

Thanks for listening



5 thoughts on “FOAM4GP Debate: Diet pills, Mel vs. Gerry

  1. Great podcast, well done guys! Love the idea of regular debates. Interesting topic but I reckon poor Gerry had an impossible task!. Duromine is an absolutely dreadful drug, in my humble opinion. No way it would get TGA approved if it came on the market today. It is one of the few drugs that I outright refuse to prescribe to anyone.
    I once worked at a practice in which Duromine was prescribed very liberally and I spent much of it saying “no” to those asking for repeat scripts. I never saw anyone who benefited from it in the medium to long term. I did see a lot of rebound weight gain, insomnia and mood disturbance, however.
    It takes a lot of time and effort to say “no” to such patient requests in a way that maintains rapport and mutual trust and respect, but I reckon it is definitely worth doing when it comes to something like Duromine.
    Thanks again for the debate – look forward to hearing more of them.

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  3. I think I wrote one prescription when I was a registrar to a young women who needed to loose 5kg to fit into her bridal gown. She cried….I gave in. She lost the 5kg and had a wonderful day!

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