Is it time for GP FOAM to come of age?

Nomadic GP

There’s been a bit of discussion around about the place lately about FOAM and it’s application in general practice. As a concept, FOAM is gaining momentum all the time and is garnering a huge following all around the world. At its core, it’s clinical education by the people, for the people. The beauty of it is that anyone can create it, and anyone can read it. There’s even a hugely popular conference which has emerged out of this online education world.

As the concept grows, so do the questions and criticisms. The FOAM community, I think, does a pretty good job at being self-reflective and pondering questions of quality, validity and reliability. There have been interesting discussions about the responsibility of FOAM in the case of medical errors, and conversations are ongoing about the possibility of a FOAM charter.

My personal view is this: each practitioner is responsible for their own due…

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