Battling Locum Burn-out

Nomadic GP


This morning I was sitting in the coffee-shop in the Perth domestic airport, filling in time before my Sunday morning flight. I’m getting to be a bit of a regular there now, almost at the stage where I can ask the barista for “the usual” with some degree of confidence. I was heading back to South Australia, this time for a two week locum on Kangaroo Island.

This will be my seventh locum trip in 9 months, and I have to admit, it’s getting pretty tiring. The novelty of travel is wearing off a little and I’m finding it harder and harder to leave each time.

Most people would be familiar with the feeling of starting a new job; that strange mix of anxiety and excitement, always trying extra hard at the beginning to be likeable and fit in. It takes a little while before you start to settle in…

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