FOAM4GP Map – Grumbly Grommets

Clinical Case: “Doctor, I want to have a referral to an ENT. Sophie keeps getting ear infections and I was told by a friend that grommets will help.” I get questions like these (or similar) quite regularly as there seems to be quite a push from local GPs to refer to ENT early for grommets.…


Exam Tips For RACGP Trainees

There’s been a bit of discussion in the twittersphere recently about an online sharing of study resources and tips for exam candidates under the hashtag #GPexams13. What a brilliant idea! As someone who has recently sat and passed my RACGP exams, I thought I’d share my experiences and give you my top tips to make…

Contraception: Commonsense, Clots and Controversy

Here is an 18 minute Podcast discussion between Penny Wilson (@nomadicgp) and Casey Parker (@broomedocs) on the common contraception options, some cool resources for prescribing decision-making and the controversy around the OCP and clots – are these killer pills?…..  No Enjoy it over at  Contraception, Commonsense and Clot Controversy

Is it time for GP FOAM to come of age?

Originally posted on Nomadic GP:
There’s been a bit of discussion around about the place lately about FOAM and it’s application in general practice. As a concept, FOAM is gaining momentum all the time and is garnering a huge following all around the world. At its core, it’s clinical education by the people, for the…