Clinical Quiz: The Rosy Cheeked Child

Nomadic GP

A quick spot-diagnosis quiz for this common childhood presentation.

The case:

A 4 year old child is sent home from daycare with a bright red facial rash on the cheeks. He has been otherwise well, although his mother reports that several other family members had cold symptoms a couple of weeks ago. On examination he is active and alert, well hydrated, afebrile, with an unremarkable ENT and cardiorespiratory examination. Apart from the facial erythema, he has no other rashes. Here’s a picture:


1. What is the diagnosis?

2. When can he return to daycare?

3. His mother is also your patient. What would you tell her if she was 15 weeks pregnant? What about 25 weeks pregnant?

4. What is your subsequent management of her pregnancy?

Answers and discussion invited below. Stay tuned for my response next week.



Thanks to all who commented on the case in…

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