“Get off your buttocks”: the baby steps approach to role modelling in general practice

Dr Genevieve Yates

As GPs we really should be setting a good example to our patients regarding our health.  GPs know all too well what we should be doing – we preach it every day to our patients. We sometimes get frustrated when patients don’t follow our advice, perhaps not reflecting on whether we always take our own advice regarding our lifestyle choices.

Having said all that, I know as well as anyone that we are imperfect creatures. I’m not holding myself up as a poster child for good GP behaviour.  It would be hypocritical of me to preach to others about being hypocritical when preaching to patients about lifestyle modification.

Just like for our patients, contemplating adopting an “ideal for health” lifestyle (regarding exercise, diet, alcohol, sleep, stress etc.) may be overwhelming for some GPs and as a result, lathered with a plethora of excuses and tossed in the too hard basket.

But don’t…

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