Things I’ve learnt from working in an AMS

Not just a GP

I’ve had quite a few more visitors than normal this week to, thanks to the extremely humbling experience of last week being named GPET Registrar of the Year for 2013. It’s made me think I have to capitalise on this by getting back on the blog-wagon! (It tends to suffer when life gets busy…)

One of my main motivations in starting to blog was to have the opportunity to share my experiences working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. As yet, though, I’ve been uncharacteristically hesitant about where to start… but sometimes you just have to jump in! Being asked by a few different journalistic types this week to elucidate what exactly I find so rewarding about Aboriginal health has probably helped.

I’ve had a fantastic time in clinical general practice this year working at an AMS. I was excited when I realised in early 2012 that work…

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