PSA debate heats up this week!

If you were confused about PSA testing prior to this month, prepare to be even more confused!

The battle lines have been drawn! NHMRC are preparing an evidence based guideline and its open for public comment as a draft right now.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing for Prostate Cancer in Asymptomatic Men: Information for Health Practitioners

Professor Chris Del Mar, prominent GP academic and evidence base medicine advocate, has always strongly backed the view that the evidence base for PSA screening for prostate cancer is lacking and in general should be avoided. He was co-author of the RACGP Red book on preventive health care in which the latest version specifically advises against PSA testing for prostate cancer screening.

Well today there was a meeting of international professionals  in Melbourne, who announced a consensus statement on PSA testing! They cite new research and argue that old data is being used to justify the ongoing opposition to PSA testing.

Here it is:

The Melbourne Consensus Statement on Prostate Cancer Testing

Take home message:

  1. Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment should be separated. Surveillance of many early cancers is the best option

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