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I’ve not really written clinically focused posts so far on this blog, but I had a fantastic learning opportunity / stupid moment recently that I feel compelled to post. A few classic GP lessons/moments cropped up that I hope other people can learn from as well. All I can say is, at this point I’m glad it’s the written RACGP exams next weekend and not the OSCEs!


A shout out to Dr Penny Wilson and her previous NomadicGP post that essentially inspires this one, which can be found here. A recommendation also to read about ‘Considine’s Pain Rule’ from Gerry over at RuralFlyingDoc, who inspires my ‘Classic GP moments’ below.


I saw an elderly patient recently for results and follow-up of a couple of other issues. They were a touch anxious and had been a fit-in at the end of my morning session,  presenting a bit stressed out…

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