Life After Fellowship

Nomadic GP

Finishing Fellowship training is one of the most exciting times in a doctor’s life. Many of us have spent our entire adult lives on the pathway from first year medical student to medical specialist; for GPs this process takes at least 10-12 years and often much longer. Sure, there are forks in the road along the way: optional placement opportunities in medical school, choice of internship training hospital, deciding which specialist training program to enter, which extended skills posts to pursue and whether to train in city or country. But then, after countless lectures, seminars, hoops-jumped-through, log-books completed, forms signed off, exams sat and hours of study, the road comes to an abrupt end.

This new found freedom can be exhilarating. Finally we have absolute control over when, where and how we work and are no longer limited to accredited practices and mandatory training requirements. Some of us use this time to…

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