Should doctors be claiming more Workcover?!

Not just a GP

So, a very long time since my last post. I’d reference my regular readers like Gerry over at ruralflyingdoc and apologise for the silence, but I’m not convinced there are any regulars out there anymore! A short one today, and a slight change in my normal tone and content.

Whilst some of this time has been spent filling my brain in preparation for the RACGP Fellowship Exams coming up on August 10th, I’ve also copped an unfortunate number of URTIs this year. In fact, I’ve burned through more than my available sick leave this year with a procession of viral maladies. (Those of you who were at GPRA’s BNL Conference at Parliament House in March may recall my husky, laryngitic tones) In all of these instances, I came down with clinical syndromes identical to the ones I’d been seeing en masse during my work as a GP. In fact, I can’t…

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