FOAM4GP Debate: Diet pills, Mel vs. Gerry

Welcome to the first ever FOAM4GP debate! We hope to make this an ongoing series of short, sharp debates between practicing GPs on current topics and controversies in modern Aussie GP practice. This Combatants: Dr Gerry Considine (@ruralflyingdoc) and Dr Melanie Clothier (@drmelclothier). The proposition:  Diet pills (duromine) always cause more harm than good – we…


GP Education Resource – OrthoFracs

  This website contains lots of great educational resources regarding orthopaedics. Designed and written by orthopaedic surgeons and registrars for orthopaedic trainees, it also has lots of good information for GP’s wishing to know more about specific orthopaedic problems.  CLICK HERE  for direct link

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Top list of wasteful procedures in the ED and General Practice

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
? The listby Kaity Hemgesberg Yesterday, JAMA published a list of  tests and treatments ordered in the Emergency Department which a group of 283 Emergency clinicians considered the most wasteful. Because accessing the list requires a log-in (which is a bit of a waste!) I have copied it here. Below this is a similar list from the…