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MBS Update: HbA1c for Diagnosis of Diabetes

Well there’s nothing like a bit of gentle peer pressure to generate some new FOAM content! Victorian GP, Dr David Corbet, recently tweeted about the new changes to HbA1c testing in the MBS criteria. A brief Twitter conversation followed and as a result, David has not only produced a handy summary about the use of HbA1c,…


FOAM4GP Map – Better referral letters – “Dear Neurologist, please see John ? head”

“Dear Neurologist, please see John ?head. Sincerely, Dr AB.” Referral letters are the way in which we can correspond our clinical information to our specialist colleagues. It is critically important and also reflects upon you as a clinician as to your medical skill and ability to be succinct. It has been pointed out many times…


Chronic Heart Failure

I was scheduled to give a tutorial to our clinic’s registrars recently and was requested to talk about chronic heart failure. Uh-oh… didn’t they realise that internal medicine is NOT my forte?? Unfortunately I couldn’t talk them into a gynaecology topic, so CHF it was. But the beauty of teaching is that you always learn…

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New Australian General Practice FOAM – Obstetrics and Gynaecology – “Bits and Bumps!”

Introducing the new podcast and resources website based on Australian General Practice – obstetrics and gynaecology. These are written and produced by excellent Australian GP’s who have a strong interest in women’s health. Learn from their extensive research and knowledge on perplexing women’s health issues in general practice. Bits and Bumps Link

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FOAM4GP Map – Prostate screening. “What do you suggest doc?”

Prostate screening is a complicated mix of opinions, evidence, emotions, and controversy. There are many stakeholders interested in appropriate prostate screening and it is a question we as Australian GPs get asked regularly about. So what do you do? What should you do? And what do you use to help make the decision with your…