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Limiting Scope of Practice in GP: A Philosophical Dilemma

Originally posted on Nomadic GP:
Most GPs I know pride themselves on being true generalists, and have gravitated towards this area of medicine because they enjoy the challenge and variety that comes with the territory. They also tend to value holistic, patient-centered care and the satisfaction that comes with long term doctor-patient relationships.   Inevitalby, though,…


FOAM4GP Map – Type 2 Diabetes tablets – How many are there now!?!

Let’s start this one with a question… What do thiazolidinediones, DPP4 inhibitors, acarbose, SGLT2 inhibitors, sulphonylureas, GLP1-agonists, metformin, gliptins, and glitazones all have in common? Yep, they all have stupid names. I remember an old saying – “If there are many ways to treat something it is likely none of them are the best”. The…